Debugged wrong URI parameter in decodeURIComponent. missing "/jira/" ? #49

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So to make sure I didn't waste your time, I pored over the codebase to see if I could find where it should show the /jira prefix to the uri but nowhere do I find a mention of the word "jira" outside the comments and I don't see any mention in the example or documentation for passing it in. This could be some piece of data assumed from some other practice (config.json perhaps?) but I believe it needs to be referenced in the docs or this simply doesn't work.


As an example of what my debug session returns on line 160 of jira.js when I follow the example in the README to the tee. (Note that is a correct URL except it is missing the /jira/ before the rest portion)

It's very possible I am missing something and if so, I apologize for wasting your time but this has me utterly confused. :)


We actually have the same problem. Some method of identifying the context to use would be great, as we also use 'jira' as a context in our implementation.

As a temporary workaround, I've changed the definition of basePath on line 146 of jira.js to read:
var basePath = 'jira/rest/api/';

This has solved our issue, but obviously your mileage may vary.


Great. Well now that I know this is a common issue, I'll go ahead and fork this bad boy and create a pull request with that change. Thanks for the suggestion! I'll do the following:

  • Add a context setting
  • If null, we'll leave it out.
  • If not, we'll use it.

Fork coming.

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