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Graph and examine historical popcon results
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A quick little app for examining historical trends in the results from Debian/Ubuntu popularity contest.

You will need:
- A Drizzle database server (any stable version should work)
- Perl DBD:MySQL
- Perl
- Perl Dancer
- Probably to read the source as my instructions are no doubt wrong.
- historical popcon data

All the packages in Ubuntu 12.04 (precise) are recent enough.

To run:
1) Fetch data. I've mirrored some here:
   Debian comes from the Wayback machine
   Ubuntu comes from
	The above site has much finer grained results if you're interested,
	going back to 2010.

2) Connect to Drizzle, "CREATE SCHEMA popcon", then run commands
   in create_scheam.sql (e.g. by running ". create_scheam.sql" from drizzle
   command line client).

3) Load data. e.g.:
   $ perl --distro=Debian --date=20120303 --file=popcon-debian-2012-03-03.txt.gz

   If you've set up authentication on Drizzle or are running the MySQL protocol
   plugin on a port other than 3306 or create a schema not named 'popcon' then
   you'll have to go edit the script, sorry.

   You currently cannot run more than one of these concurrently. Patches++.

4) Run the web app:
   $ cd PopconHistorical-App
   $ ./bin/

5) Load up a web browser to (or whatever Dancer tells you to)

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