A digital recorder for fpga in verilog, tested on de0 nano.
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Digital Audio Recorder

The heart is in fpga. Needs an ADC, speaker and sdram like those found in De0 Nano.

Compontent Timings


Running at 1.1 Mhz (Top speed 3.2Mhz)

  • 1 sample every 16 cycles
  • 4 samples
  • 44000 samples every second 16 x 4 x 44000 -> 2816000 - cannot implement on PLL 44100 -> 2822400 - cannot implement on PLL

DAC - 110Mhz

(8-bit sample every 44000 hz) 10 x 8-bit duty cycle (250) x 44000 ->

Recorder Controller - 1.1Mhz

(sample every 25 cycles -> 44Hz)

Double Click - 1.1Mhz

SDRAM - 100Mhz


  • clk and rst_n for all circuits