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Zettels is a command line tool implementing Niklas Luhmann's system of a "Zettelkasten".

Anouncement: Reimplementation

This implementation of Zettels is no longer actively developed. Instead, I chose to reimplement Zettels from scratch in Rust.

While doing so, I added a lot of features and separated the command line interface from the backend, which is now a library called libzettels, sporting an API that can be used to easily build other user interfaces.

Check the reimplementation out:

1. Zettels - Command line tool

2. Libzettels - Backend

Questions and answers

Are users of the python implementation constrained to existing version?

Essentially yes. I might fix a few critical bugs, but I strongly suggest migrating your Zettelkasten to the new Rust port.

How can I migrate my existing Zettelkasten to the new implementation?

If you want to switch to the new implementation, the following steps are necessary (the actual commands and configuration path might differ, depending on your os):

  1. Uninstall the python version, e.g. pip uninstall zettels

  2. Locate and delete the configuration of the python version, e.g. delete the directory ~/.config/zettels.

  3. Prepare the YAML-headers of your Zettel files. In the new implementation, the tags field of the header has been renamed keywords. So you need to edit the metadata of each zettel accordingly. The easiest way to do this for all your Zettel files at once by using sed, which is common on UNIX-like operating systems.
    Inside your Zettelkasten directory, run:

    sed -i -e 's/tags:/keywords:/g' *.md

    That assumes that your zettel files have the .md extension. If not, modify accordingly. If you have organized your Zettelkasten in subdirectories, you might need to repeat the process in each subdirectory or modify the *.md part of the command so it fits your needs.

  4. Install the new implementation of Zettels

  5. Run setup: zettels setup

Where is the old README?


Zettels is a command line tool implementing Niklas Luhmann's system of a "Zettelkasten".







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