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The Pourhouse

Build Status

Welcome to my pourhouse! This is my tap for some casks I wanted to automate the installation of. So far, I just have a hand-full completed and they're all from Howard Oakley over at Eclectic Light Co. in the Downloads section. There is a list below of the currently enabled applications and it’s corresponding token.

Getting Started

First you need Homebrew installed if you don’t already. To install open Terminal and paste the following:

/usr/bin/ruby -e "$(curl -fsSL"

Verify everything installed correctly by running brew doctor then you can add my tap by running:

brew tap sticklerm3/pourhouse

This creates a shallow clone of sticklerm3/pourhouse to $(brew --repo)/Library/Taps/sticklerm3/pourhouse.

Then, you can continue to use brew cask install <formula> for anything unless for some reason theres another cask with the same name, simply identify the tap before the formula: brew cask install sticklerm3/pourhouse/<formula>

Or install via URL (which will not receive updates):

brew cask install<formula>.rb

List of Casks

High Sierra & Later

App Ver. # Min. OS Token
Signet 1.2 High Sierra signet

Mojave & Later

App Ver. # Min. OS Token
Nalaprop 1.0b10 Mojave nalaprop

Sierra and High Sierra only

App Ver. # Min. OS Token
Consolation2 2.4 Sierra consolation2
Dispatch View 1.0 Sierra dispatchview
Keychain Check 1.3 Sierra keychaincheck
WoodPile 1.0b6 Sierra woodpile

Sierra and up

App Ver. # Min. OS Token
Alifix 1.1 Sierra alifix
Apfelstrudel 1.3 Sierra apfelstrudel
ArchiChect 2.1 Sierra archichect
Consolation3 3.9 Sierra consolation3
DelightEd 2.0b2 Sierra delighted
Dystextia 1.6 Sierra dystextia
Keychain Check 2 2.0b1 Sierra keychaincheck2
Permission Scanner 1.7 Sierra permissionscanner
Podofyllin 1.0b17 Sierra podofyllin
Pratique 1.1 Sierra pratique
Rosettavert 1.4 Sierra rosettavert
RepairHomePermissions 1.1 Sierra repairhomepermissions
Route Map 1.0b2 Sierra routemap
Sandstrip 1.1 Sierra sandstrip
Taccy 1.8 Sierra taccy
T2M2 1.14 Sierra t2m2
Ulbow 1.2 Sierra ulbow
Whither 1.0 Sierra whither

El Capitan and newer

App Ver. # Min. OS Token
32-bitcheck 1.8 El Capitan 32-bitcheck
Aquiline Check 1.0b2a El Capitan aquilinecheck
Bailiff 1.4 El Capitan bailiff
Cirrus 1.9 El Capitan cirrus
Dintch 1.2 El Capitan dintch
Deep Tools 1.3 El Capitan deeptools
Fintch 1.1 El Capitan fintch
LockRattler 4.24 El Capitan lockrattler
Metamer 1.0 El Capitan metamer
Precize 1.9 El Capitan precize
Revisionist 1.7 El Capitan revisionist
Scrub 1.1 El Capitan scrub
Search Key 1.3 El Capitan searchkey
Search Key Lite 1.3 El Capitan searchkeylite
SystHist 1.12 El Capitan systhist
UTIUtility 1.0 El Capitan utiutility
Xattred 1.2 El Capitan xattred

CLI Tools

I’m still newer at writing formula/Ruby so bear with me here. The following are CLI utilities that are installed using brew cask as their binaries are already compiled. Use the same syntax to install as above (brew cask install alisma)

App Vers. Min. OS Formula Name
alisma 2.0 El Capitan alisma
Blowhole 9.0 Sierra blowhole
cmpxat 2.0 El Capitan cmpxat
silnite 4.0 El Capitan silnite
unorml 3.0 Sierra unorml

Advanced Usage

Update homebrew with brew update. Upgrade any updated formula and casks with brew cask upgrade.

If you frequently use the command line, it may be useful to create an alias for brew cask. Add the following to your .bashrc, .profile, .zshrc or wherever you keep your aliases for your shell:

alias cask='brew cask'

I have my own plugin for zsh of useful brew and brew cask aliases which can be found at sticklerm3/alehouse. See the projects Readme for installation and usage.

For more information on using the brew command run brew help or man brew or check Homebrew's documentation.


If you notice an error, have a contribution or an update, feel free to fork the repo & submit a pull request! If creating/updating a cask formula be sure it’s properly filled out and passes the tests. I created this tap as a place for awesome MacOS software that wasn’t included in the core cask repository, if you have any awesome MacOS applications that you think I should include, don’t be afraid to suggest it, or even better: fork me and create a pull request!

Useful Links


My homebrew tap, serving up casks from EclecticLightCo!





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