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Welcome to the Stitch Docs! This is the repository for, a Jekyll-based documentation site.

The master branch is continuously deployed to production using Netlify.

If you need support for Stitch, contact Stitch Support by emailing or logging into your Stitch account and clicking the pink chat bubble in the bottom-right corner.


"It takes a village (to have excellent documentation)." We love listening to our customers and learning about how they're using Stitch. Your contributions can help us ensure we're providing you with the documentation you need to get the most out of Stitch.

Found a broken link? Want to share something awesome you learned while using Stitch? Fantastic! Check out the Contribution guide to learn more about our code of conduct and pull request process.

Take a look at the open list of issues to get an idea of what's in the queue. If you find something that interests you, leave a note that you've started working on it to prevent conflicts.


Before you get started, you'll need to submit a completed Contributor License Agreement (CLA) to Stitch.

Our reason for having a CLA is to define the rights of the contributors — Stitches and non-Stitches alike - and avoid potential confusion and misunderstandings. We believe in DTRT, or Doing The Right Thing. For this project, that means:

  • Ensuring all contributors are equal, and
  • The rights to contributions used by the community cannot be withheld or revoked

Shortly after you open a pull request, you should receive an email from Stitch containing a link to the CLA. Click the link, complete the form, read the CLA, then click I agree. You won't be asked to sign the CLA again unless we make a change.

Stitch will not merge a pull request made against the Stitch Docs project until it is associated with a signed CLA.

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Anaëlle (@Anaelle1) - Stitch - Technical Documentation Engineer

Check out the other contributors to the Stitch Docs.

Inspiration and Thanks

  • SendGrid for inspiring us to overhaul and then open source our docs
  • Tom Johnson for the theme that got us started


Licensing & Legal

Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License, meaning you are free to use it for any purpose, commericial or non-commerical, as long as you attribute Stitch. If you revise, transform, or build upon this content, you must also distribute your contributions under this license.

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