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Use Masonry with the Facebook Pop animation framework
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Use Masonry with the Facebook Pop animation framework.

MSSPopMasonry is the marriage between Pop and Masonry. It is a category on POPAnimatableProperty that lets you easily create POPAnimatableProperty objects that works great with Masonry. Here's an example of how to animate a Masonry layout constraint using the offset property:

[myView mas_makeConstraints:^(MASConstraintMaker *make) {;

        self.leftSideConstraint = make.left.equalTo(self.view).offset(0);

newOffset = 100;
POPBasicAnimation *leftSideAnimation = [POPBasicAnimation new];
leftSideAnimation.toValue = @(newOffset); = [POPAnimatableProperty mas_offsetProperty];

[self.leftSideConstraint pop_addAnimation:leftSideAnimation forKey:@"offset"];

The MASConstraint properties supported currently:

  • offset
  • sizeOffset
  • centerOffset
  • multipliedBy
  • dividedBy

Support for insets is pending Pop supporting UIEdgeInsets in NSValue objects when passed to an animation object's toValue property.


You can import the MSSPopMasonry files as is or through Cocoapods. If you want to use MSSPopMasonry with the latest versions of Pop and Masonry, all you have to do is specify

pod 'MSSPopMasonry'

in your Podfile and both Pop and Masonry will be included in your project along with MSSPopMasonry.

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