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A wrapper of the JavaScript library jsTree. This package is similar to shinyTree but it allows more options. It also provides a Shiny gadget allowing to manipulate one or more folders.

The 'folder gadget':

The 'tree navigator' Shiny module:

The 'tree navigator' has not all the features of the 'folder gadget', it only allows to navigate in the server side file system and to select some files. But the 'folder gadget' loads all the structure of the root folder(s), while the 'tree navigator' loads the contents of a clicked folder only when this one is clicked by the user. And as a Shiny module, it is possible to build around it a more elaborated Shiny app.

Copies of license agreements

The 'jsTreeR' package as a whole is distributed under GPL-3 (GNU GENERAL PUBLIC LICENSE version 3).

It includes other open source software components. The following is a list of these components:

Full copies of the license agreements used by these components are included in the file LICENSE.note.