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TOTP (RFC 6238)

Copyright (c) 2014 Robin Leffmann

TOTP is a simple, compact and bare-bones PHP class for calculating TOTP tokens using the SHA1 default, commonly used for two-factor authentication with mobile apps such as Google Authenticator. It comprises three public functions of which only one is necessary to call to get a token.


Simply call TOTP::getOTP( $secret [, $digits = 6 [, $period = 30 [, $offset = 0 ]]] ) which returns an array with the key otp holding the authentication token, or the key err describing an eventual error.

The other two functions are meant to be convenient utilities:

TOTP::genSecret( [ $length = 24 ] ) generates a TOTP-compatible pseudorandom secret in Base32 ASCII, returning an array with the key secret holding the random secret or the key err describing an eventual error.

TOTP::genURI( $account, $secret [, $digits = null [, $period = null [, $issuer = null ]]] ) returns an array with the key uri holding an otpauth:// style URI providing the supplied parameters, which can f.e. be embedded in a QR code image, or the key err describing an eventual error.


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TOTP is released under the Creative Commons BY-NC-SA 4.0 license: