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Simple Python script to test that writes on Redis masters are being correctly propagated to Redis slaves.


You can either use a pre-built Docker container, build one container yourself or use the script with a simple virtualenv.

Use a pre-built Docker image

Run the following to use the latest pre-built docker image from Docker Hub. Don't forget to create a config file following our example file. The path you must pass to the Docker volume argument (-v) must be absolute.

docker run -v /absolute/path/redismoke.yml:/opt/redismoke/redismoke.yml bcdonadio/redismoke:latest

Use the source

To clone the repository, run:

git clone
cd redismoke

Use a self-built Docker container

Build and run the Docker container with the following commands:

docker build -t redismoke .
docker run -d -v /absolute/path/redismoke.yml:/opt/redismoke/redismoke.yml redismoke

Use a virtualenv

You can run the script inside a simple virtualenv also:

virtualenv -p python3 .venv
source .venv/bin/activate
pip install -r requirements.txt
python3 src/ --config conf/config.yml

Use directly on RPM-based systems

Running the script directly on RPM-based systems is also an option, just substitute yum for dnf if necessary:

sudo yum install python3{,-redis,-PyYAML}
python3 src/ --config conf/config.yml

CLI Options

The script is pretty simple, and therefore takes only a small number of arguments:

  • --config [file.yml]: Configuration file to use
  • --solarwinds: Use the Solarwinds output and die as soon as the test completes
  • --wait [n]: wait n seconds before actually performing the test


The configuration is written in YAML, and it is the sole argument that must be passed to the Python script. A commented example exists in the confs directory, named config.yml, along with configuration files for Redis daemons used for testing of the code itself.


The code is currently being manually tested. Patches for automated testing are welcome. Run the following to test the daemon with oneline output feature:

docker-compose build && docker-compose up

You may also run the following to test the SolarWinds output feature:

docker-compose -f docker-compose_solarwinds.yml build && docker-compose -f docker-compose_solarwinds.yml up


Just open a PR to this repository with your changes. Notice that there mustn't be any PEP8 violation in your code in order for your change to be approved.


This code is licensed under the MIT license.