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CLI for Stratis Project

A CLI for the Stratis Project.


stratis-cli is a tool that provides a command-line interface (CLI) for interacting with the Stratis daemon, stratisd. stratis-cli interacts with stratisd via D-Bus. It is written in Python 3.

stratis-cli is stateless and contains a minimum of storage-related logic. Its code mainly consists of parsing arguments from the command line, calling methods that are part of the Stratis D-Bus API, and then processing and displaying the results.


You can install stratis-cli directly from the stratis-cli project repo.

stratis-cli has a number of dependencies that may not already be installed. You may choose to allow the setup script to install any missing dependencies from PyPi, or you may prefer to install the dependencies using your distribution's package manager. All stratis-cli's direct dependencies are listed in stratis-cli's file, in the install_requires field. If you choose to install the dependencies using your installation's package manager, you should do so before you run the script.

Finally, run the script as:

> python install


After installing, running requires invoking the script, as:

> stratis --help


> stratis --version

To run without installing, check out the source, change to the top directory and set the PYTHONPATH environment variable to include library dependencies. For example (if using bash shell):

> export PYTHONPATH="src:../dbus-client-gen/src:../dbus-python-client-gen/src:../into-dbus-python/src:../dbus-signature-pyparsing/src"
> ./bin/stratis --help

Since stratis uses stratisd's API, most operations will fail unless you are also running the Stratis daemon.


Various testing modalities are used to verify various properties of stratis. Please consult the README files in the tests subdirectory for further information.

The project has, and will continue to maintain, 100% code coverage.

Internal Software Architecture

stratis is implemented in two parts:

  • The parser package handles configuring the command line parser, which uses the Python argparse package.
  • The actions package receives valid commands from the parser package and executes them, invoking the D-Bus API as needed. The parser passes command-line arguments given by the user to methods in the actions package using a Namespace object.

Python Coding Style

stratis conforms to PEP-8 style guidelines as enforced by the black formatting tool.

Tab Completion

From time to time, our external contributors have added support for tab-completion in a variety of different shells. The files are included in the stratis-cli GitHub release, but they are not supported by the Stratis project. We welcome further contributions to these files and will continue to include them for as long as they seem useful to our users.