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GPSD client for Go.
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GPSD client for Go.


# go get

go-gpsd has no external dependencies.


go-gpsd is a streaming client for GPSD's JSON service and as such can be used only in async manner unlike clients for other languages which support both async and sync modes.

import ("")

func main() {
	gps := gpsd.Dial("localhost:2947")

After Dialing the server, you should install stream filters. Stream filters allow you to capture only certain types of GPSD reports.

gps.AddFilter("TPV", tpvFilter)

Filter functions have a type of gps.Filter and should receive one argument of type interface{}.

tpvFilter := func(r interface{}) {
	report := r.(*gpsd.TPVReport)
	fmt.Println("Location updated", report.Lat, report.Lon)

Due to the nature of GPSD reports your filter will manually have to cast the type of the argument it received to a proper *gpsd.Report struct pointer.

After installing all needed filters, call the Watch method to start observing reports. Please note that at this time installed filters can't be removed.

done := gps.Watch()

Watch() will span a new goroutine in which all data processing will happen, done channel won't send anything.

Currently supported GPSD report types

  • VERSION (gpsd.VERSIONReport)
  • TPV (gpsd.TPVReport)
  • SKY (gpsd.SKYReport)
  • ATT (gpsd.ATTReport)
  • GST (gpsd.GSTReport)
  • PPS (gpsd.PPSReport)
  • Devices (gpsd.DEVICESReport)
  • DEVICE (gpsd.DEVICEReport)
  • ERROR (gpsd.ERRORReport)


For complete library docs, visit or take a look at the gpsd.go file in this repository.

GPSD's documentation on their JSON protocol can be found at

To learn more about the Stratoberry Pi project, visit our website at


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