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// Copyright (c) 2012, Sean Treadway, SoundCloud Ltd.
// Use of this source code is governed by a BSD-style
// license that can be found in the LICENSE file.
// Source code and contact info at
package amqp
import (
// Return captures a flattened struct of fields returned by the server when a
// Publishing is unable to be delivered either due to the `mandatory` flag set
// and no route found, or `immediate` flag set and no free consumer.
type Return struct {
ReplyCode uint16 // reason
ReplyText string // description
Exchange string // basic.publish exchange
RoutingKey string // basic.publish routing key
// Properties
ContentType string // MIME content type
ContentEncoding string // MIME content encoding
Headers Table // Application or header exchange table
DeliveryMode uint8 // queue implementation use - non-persistent (1) or persistent (2)
Priority uint8 // queue implementation use - 0 to 9
CorrelationId string // application use - correlation identifier
ReplyTo string // application use - address to to reply to (ex: RPC)
Expiration string // implementation use - message expiration spec
MessageId string // application use - message identifier
Timestamp time.Time // application use - message timestamp
Type string // application use - message type name
UserId string // application use - creating user id
AppId string // application use - creating application
Body []byte
func newReturn(msg basicReturn) *Return {
props, body := msg.getContent()
return &Return{
ReplyCode: msg.ReplyCode,
ReplyText: msg.ReplyText,
Exchange: msg.Exchange,
RoutingKey: msg.RoutingKey,
Headers: props.Headers,
ContentType: props.ContentType,
ContentEncoding: props.ContentEncoding,
DeliveryMode: props.DeliveryMode,
Priority: props.Priority,
CorrelationId: props.CorrelationId,
ReplyTo: props.ReplyTo,
Expiration: props.Expiration,
MessageId: props.MessageId,
Timestamp: props.Timestamp,
Type: props.Type,
UserId: props.UserId,
AppId: props.AppId,
Body: body,
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