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Assimilation with Django

Future Plans

  • Create boards with black (neutral) spaces

  • Implement AI, play against the computer

  • Allow more than two players per game (up to 6?)

  • Implement animation when a user takes a turn

  • Play back a game turn by turn, time lapse?

  • Allow AI's to play against each other

  • Automatically end game when nobody else can win

Deploying to apfog

af login

af update assimilation-game

Setting Up A Development Environment

After checking out the git repo you will need to open a command line terminal and go to the directory: <project_root>/assimilation/static/js

From there you will need to checkout the Google Closure Library (requires Subversion) with the following command:

svn checkout closure

Afterwards you should have the goog directory at: <project_root>/assimilation/static/js/closure/closure/goog

Next you need to create a local database on your system, to do this go to <project_root>/ and run the command python syncdb


There is a makefile that you can use to compile from .less to .css, and to minify and optimize the javascript.

To build the javascript type the command make js

To build the css use make css

To run the webserver simply use make run