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Andy Hurd authored and stringham committed 483e708 Nov 21, 2019
Add option to remove winners from drawing and other improvements
Other improvements include:
* keeping dark color when points go above the number of colors enumerated
* import tab separated data with points via function available in console
* fixing random logic for raffle with points to be more evenly distributed


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HTML and Javascript Raffle System

Demo here.

How To Use

In js/names.js you can add a pre-made list of names to be used in the raffle. You do this by defining an array of JSON objects. Each JSON object must contain a name, and can optionally contain points.

var imported = [
		name: 'Fred',
		points: 3
		name: 'Ryan',
		points: 2
		name: 'Sherry'  //no points defaults to 1
		name: 'Amanda',
		points: 3

Otherwise when you load index.html it will have a text field in which you can enter names separated by new lines.

Once the raffle has been loaded you start it by clicking anywhere on the page!

Using a Google Form

Create a google form that collects the First Name and Last Name, or just the Name of participants (along with whatever other information you want to collect)

Example form: form.

View the responses of the form as a google spreadsheet and go to file->publish to the web. Click the publish button.

Get the spreadsheet key, which is after the /d/ in the url. In the example form the spreadsheet backing the responses has a spreadsheet key of:


Put that key in the query string of the raffle page as the key, for example:

Whenever someone submits to the form they will be automatically added to the raffle when the page is loaded. Awesome.

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