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Howitzer Example Turnip

Build Status CircleCI

Howitzer example project based on Turnip for demo web application


  • Ruby 3.0.2

Getting Started

Note! This project uses Git submodules in order to reuse common code between similar projects:



Typically it is not required for a regular project based on Howitzer

How to try the project locally

  • Clone project
git clone --recursive
  • Install dependencies
bundle install
  • Get list of available commands
rake -T

Run tests in Docker

Build image

docker build -t howitzer_example_turnip .

Driver which is used by default is headless chrome

Use docker run command to create and run container.

  • In order to run container by default:
docker run -d --name turnip_container howitzer_example_turnip
  • Connect to created container using this command:
docker exec -it turnip_container /bin/bash
docker exec -it <container ID> /bin/bash
  • Run tests with the next commands using container's terminal:
SEXY_SETTINGS="driver=headless_chrome; headless_chrome_flags=$CHROME_ARGS" bundle exec rake

NOTE! If you need to launch tests under firefox headless browser, use this command:

SEXY_SETTINGS="driver=headless_firefox" bundle exec rake

Run with docker compose

  • Initialize build, and up the container in detached mode:
docker-compose -f docker-compose.yml up -d
  • Connect to created container using this command:
docker compose exec -it howitzer_example_turnip  /bin/bash

Stop container

  • Perform the next command to stop running container using docker-compose command:
docker-compose -f docker-compose.yml down

WARNING: after this command container will be deleted and all data lost.

  • If you need to save container use the next command to stop container:
docker stop <container_name/ID>


Code quality is controlled by Rubocop

It is useful to activate rubocop pre-commit git hook for changed files.

cp scripts/pre-commit .git/hooks/pre-commit