Structurizr for Java
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Structurizr for Java

This GitHub repository is a Java library to create software architecture models that are compatible with Structurizr, a SaaS to create web-based software architecture diagrams. In summary:

  1. Create a software architecture model using Java code, either manually or by extracting information from an existing codebase.
  2. Upload the model (as a JSON document) to Structurizr using the web API.
  3. Visualise and share the resulting software architecture diagrams (examples).

An overview of Structurizr

Table of contents

  1. Building from source
  2. Binaries
  3. Basic concepts
  4. Getting started
  5. API Client
  6. Styling elements
  7. Styling relationships
  8. Hiding relationships
  9. Extracting components from your codebase
  10. The Spring PetClinic example
  11. Dynamic views
  12. Client-side encryption
  13. Documentation
  14. Graphviz and DOT
  15. PlantUML