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Mutation testing for JavaScript and friends
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nicojs feat(instrumenter): implement `Instrumenter` class
Implement `Instrumenter` class, responsible for:
* Parsing code to an AST
* Mutant generation based on AST
* Transforming the code to incorporate the mutants in mutation switches
* Printing AST back to code
Latest commit 8df9172 Jun 1, 2020


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.github Merge branch 'master' into epic/mutation-switching May 18, 2020
.travis chore: publish new version via github workflow (#2075) Mar 11, 2020
.vscode feat(Jest): support overriding config (#2197) May 13, 2020
e2e fix(ts): support ts 3.9 on windows in the typescript-transpiler (#2215) May 18, 2020
helpers build(deps-dev): update mocha requirement from ^5.2.0 to ^6.1.2 (#1490) Apr 10, 2019
packages feat(instrumenter): implement `Instrumenter` class Jun 1, 2020
perf chore(html-reporter): remove the stub package (#2200) May 15, 2020
tasks feat(init): add reference to mono schema (#2162) May 13, 2020
.bettercodehub.yml chore(BetterCodeHub): Move bettercodehub.yml to the root (#412) Oct 8, 2017
.editorconfig feat(validation): add validation on plugin options (#2158) Apr 24, 2020
.eslintignore chore: add json schema for options of each plugin (#2128) Apr 22, 2020
.eslintrc.js chore(eslint): add `internal` group to import/order (#2091) Mar 11, 2020
.gitattributes chore: add .gitattributes file for line endings (#2199) May 13, 2020
.gitignore feat(instrumenter): add the mutation testing instrumenter (#2212) May 15, 2020
.npmrc chore(package-lock): Prevent package-lock files (#953) Jul 6, 2018
.prettierrc chore(lint): migrate tslint -> eslint migration & prettier (#1731) Oct 17, 2019 v3.2.4 May 18, 2020 docs: add code of conduct (#1766) Nov 6, 2019 docs(slack): Add link to Slack Mar 13, 2020
LICENSE chore: Add license to repo root (#342) Aug 2, 2017 docs(readme): add note about mutation switching May 15, 2020
lerna.json v3.2.4 May 18, 2020
package.json build(deps-dev): bump @typescript-eslint/parser from 2.33.0 to 2.34.0 ( May 30, 2020
stryker-80x80.png docs(stryker-logo): Fix broken stryker logo (#206) Dec 29, 2016
stryker.parent.conf.js test(mutation): fix file selection (#2167) Apr 24, 2020
tsconfig.json feat(instrumenter): add the mutation testing instrumenter (#2212) May 15, 2020
tsconfig.lint.json build(lint): enable linting on typings (#2044) Feb 15, 2020
tsconfig.settings.json chore: add json schema for options of each plugin (#2128) Apr 22, 2020
workspace.code-workspace feat(instrumenter): add the mutation testing instrumenter (#2212) May 15, 2020

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NOTE: You're currently looking at the epic/mutation-switching branch, where we're currently working on implementing mutation switching. Please see the master branch for the current production version. We have a feature freeze until mutation switching is implemented.


Professor X: For someone who hates mutants... you certainly keep some strange company. William Stryker: Oh, they serve their purpose... as long as they can be controlled.

Welcome to Stryker's monorepo. This is where all official stryker packages are maintained. If you're new to monorepos: don't be scared. You'll find the packages in the packages folder.

If you're interested in why we chose a monorepo, please read babeljs's design document about monorepos. We use it for the same reasons as they do.


For an introduction to mutation testing and Stryker's features, see

Getting started

For the quickstart, see quickstart.


For details on the stryker run command and others, see stryker's readme


See the stryker's package readme for all config options.

Supported mutators

See our website for the list of currently supported mutators.

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