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dkubb commented Sep 19, 2019

A feature request I have would be to add two flags to the mutant cli:

  • --skip-subject
  • --pending-subject

The --skip-subject flag should perform exactly the same as --ignore-subject, where it doesn't bother to mutate the subject nor run the subject's tests. This would be reserved for methods where attempting to mutate will cause an infinite loop and never finish.

The `--pending-

stanislaw commented Oct 25, 2019

We spend quite some time debugging everything. It would be great if there would be a dump() method with the overloads for every class from clang::, llvm:: and mull::*.

One way of doing it is to simply create Debugging folder in the Mull's source code and put all of the overloads there.

The first MR can be adding just a few of the most touched classes.

janmotl commented May 5, 2019

Currently, the log in the database does not contain any information about the runtime of the individual job_ids. But I think this could be quite an interesting information to have.

The runtime can be logged either as a duration or with two timestamps: start_job and end_job.

victorvsantos commented Aug 19, 2019

Is your feature request related to a problem? Please describe.
I'm not being able to run Stryker in a project (netframework 4.5) inside a machine that doesn't have VS2017 installed (it has VS2015). Stryker fails when it tries to build the solution.

I ran some tests and found out that it tries to use the MSBuild.exe located at the first path defined on MSBuildHelper's.fallbackLocations.

OddBloke commented May 6, 2019

As I have never run mutmut before, I left it running in the background while I continued to do some work, and discovered that the mutations happen on the codebase in-place. I think this is totally reasonable, but it didn't match my assumptions approaching the tool, so I ended up (a) not able to continue working against the codebase, and (b) probably invalidating some of the tests that mutmut p

hugo-vrijswijk commented Sep 26, 2019

See #153.

It'd be great to have some sort of ETA calculation to show users how much longer we estimate the mutation run will take. The PR linked above is a great start and already reviewed a lot, but is outdated as we refactored the reporters since. A new start that copies code from that PR is probably better. It could either be a new [reporter](

echebbi commented Jun 15, 2019

This feature request depends on #77 (Provide project-specific preferences)


Pitest can be configured through Maven. Pitclipse should be able to extract the configuration from the POM in order to automatically set up project's preferences.


I have never attempted to create one but I believe that creating an [M2E](htt

joakim-brannstrom commented Dec 14, 2019

Describe the acronyms for the mutation operators better. Consider the requirement documentation that already exist but may be hard for an user to understand because it is embedded among so much other information.
Also add a recommendation for what operators to use and why based on our experience.

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