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Statamic Peak Logo

Start out on top!

Peak is your personal development sherpa. It's an opinionated starter kit for all your Statamic sites. It's design agnostic but comes bundled with tools like Tailwind CSS and AlpineJS and a workflow you can use to build anything you want. Peak features a page builder, a rich collection of starter templates, fieldsets, blueprints, SEO functionality, configuration and more to get you started on your clients' site straight away. Peak is easy to extend or edit to fit your clients' website needs and will drastically improve your development speed.

The aim of Peak is to make it easy to start new projects as they often share much of the same principles. Whether you're new to Statamic or a veteran, there will be something interesting in here for you. Please participate and discuss on how to make our websites better.

Maintaining Peak demands a lot of my time and it probably saves you a lot. Your sponsoring would mean a great deal to me as it makes it much easier for me to maintain this project and keep improving it. Sponsor me.

Read the docs.


Contributions and discussions are always welcome, no matter how large or small. Treat each other with respect. Read the Code of Conduct.

Read more about how you can contribute here.


Statamic Peak is licensed under the GNU General Public License v3.0. Please see License File for more information. Statamic itself is commercial software and has its' own license.