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Port of FuelPHP's Formatter Class
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Formatter Bundle

Laravel Bundle ported from the FuelPHP Format class, that helps you easily convert between various formats such as XML, JSON, CSV, etc...


Using artisan to install the bundle

php artisan bundle:install formatter

Or you can clone the bundle straight from github. Run the following command inside your bundles folder:

git clone formatter

Add the Following to your application/bundles.php file:

'formatter' => array('auto' => true) // you can leave out the auto => true

That's it, Formatter should now be installed and ready to go!


The best way to learn how to use Formatter is to look through the code, where you can familiarize yourself with all of the available methods.

###Calling Formatter

Formatter::make($data_to_convert, 'type of data')->to_the_format_you_want();

Available Formats to Convert From

  • Json
  • Serialized Array
  • XML
  • CSV

Available Formates to Convert To

  • Json
  • Serializaed Array
  • XML
  • CSV
  • PHP Array
  • PHP Export
  • YAML
$json_string = '{"foo":"bar","baz":"qux"}';
print_r(Formater::make($json_string, 'json')->to_array());

// Returns
    [foo] => bar
    [baz] => qux
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