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Add new HTML5 theme support #314



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robincornett commented Oct 27, 2019

Summary of change:
WordPress 5.3 is introducing new arguments for add_theme_support, to
prevent validation warnings for style/script files. This resolves issue

Have the changes in this PR been added to the documentation for this project?
No: it should be added to this snippet.

How to test:
Add to a site running WordPress 5.3 and confirm that script/style type is no longer output.

See: #313
Fixes: #313

Suggested Changelog Entry:
Update HTML5 theme support to fix script/style validation warnings.

WordPress 5.3 is introducing new arguments for add_theme_support, to
prevent validation warnings for style/script files. This resolves issue
@nickcernis nickcernis self-requested a review Oct 27, 2019
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nickcernis left a comment

Thanks for this addition, @robincornett.

I confirmed that type attributes are removed from theme CSS/JavaScript.

Noting that type attributes still appear on some WP-provided scripts, such as wp-emoji.js, but this is due to the implementation in WP rather than here.

@susannelson Just drawing your attention to Robin's note in #314 (comment) in case we want to add the 'script' and 'style' values to the html5 theme support in our docs.

@dreamwhisper dreamwhisper merged commit 48f8bae into studiopress:develop Oct 28, 2019
nickcernis added a commit that referenced this pull request Nov 12, 2019
* Append version number to zip file name.

- Was:
- Now:

This helps prevent write issues when uploading zips to, and makes it less confusing what version is
being uploaded.

Files will still unzip to a genesis-sample folder.

* Bump lodash from 4.17.11 to 4.17.14 (#279)

Bumps [lodash]( from 4.17.11 to 4.17.14.
- [Release notes](
- [Commits](lodash/lodash@4.17.11...4.17.14)

Signed-off-by: dependabot[bot] <>

* Add footer widgets to onboarding config (#277)

* Add footer widgets to onboarding config

Ensures footer widgets are imported during one-click theme setup.

Dependent on widget import being implemented in Genesis 3.1.
See studiopress/genesis#2141.

Fixes #276.

* Enable visual mode for text widgets

Prevents an issue where imported widget content would appear as plain
text, with a message above the widget in the admin area suggesting
conversion to a Custom HTML widget.

* Add theme support for genesis-custom-logo (#281)

* Feature/Starter Packs (#283)

* Remove Blocks template
* Update homepage import meta
- set full width layout
- hide Title
- hide Breadcrumbs
* Remove `breadcrumb_front_page` setting filter
* Add missing photo credit in onboarding content
* Add homepage starter packs
* Update CSS for hidden titles

* Change/short array syntax (#285)

* Update phpcs config to use short array syntax
* Update files to use PHP short array syntax

Fixes #284

* Feature/tooling circleci (#286)

* Ignore .DS_Store files

* Add circleci

* Bump phpcs testing versions

* Feature/featured images (#282)

* Add featured image support for singular posts and pages

- Adds image size
- Adds config file for post type supports (reflecting how we're handling theme supports)

* Hide featued image on imported content (#287)

Hides the featured image on home, about, and landing pages if the images are enabled site-wide and a featured image is set.

* Feature/landing page settings (#289)

* Allow alternate layouts on landing page
* Allow breadcrumbs on landing page
* Update landing page import meta

* Ensure a logo width of lower than 100 cannot be saved (#288)

* Ensure a logo width of < 100 cannot be saved

Even though the field has a min attribute of 100, a value of lower
than 100 can still be saved if entered manually rather than using the
input field stepper controls.

This commit adds a custom validation callback to prevent values under
100 from being saved.

Reported by Marcy Diaz in Slack.

Props @dreamwhisper.

* Update variable name (#291)

* Update child-theme-settings.php (#292)

Closes #290

* Update archive image size and alignement (#295)

Sets the Content Archive image size to `genesis-singular-images` with center alignment. This better fits the theme and is more reliable since we can't guarantee the `thumbnail` size exists (is unset) or is suitable.

* Release/3.1.0 (#294)

* Bump version to 3.1.0
* Update genesis-sample.pot
* Add 3.1.0 Changelog
* Note tooling updates are included only in GitHub version
* Add tentative release date.

* Update screenshot.png (#297)

* Update screenshot.png

* Include updated screenshot in changelog

* Changelog additions (#298)

* Refactor genesis_sample_secondary_menu_args function (#299)

* Refactor genesis_sample_secondary_menu_args function.
* Add genesis_sample_secondary_menu_args change to changelog.

* Bump eslint-utils from 1.3.1 to 1.4.2 (#303)

Bumps [eslint-utils]( from 1.3.1 to 1.4.2.
- [Release notes](
- [Commits](mysticatea/eslint-utils@v1.3.1...v1.4.2)

Signed-off-by: dependabot[bot] <>

* Bump mixin-deep from 1.3.1 to 1.3.2 (#304)

Bumps [mixin-deep]( from 1.3.1 to 1.3.2.
- [Release notes](
- [Commits](jonschlinkert/mixin-deep@1.3.1...1.3.2)

Signed-off-by: dependabot[bot] <>

* Fix/woocommerce flex (#305)

* Account for WooCommerce shortcodes & shop page in flexbox styles
* Style products blocks
* Update changelog with unreleased WooCommerce fixes

* Update package-lock.json (#306)

* Add 3.2 Lazy Load (#311)

* Update theme-supports.php

* Arrow alignment

* Add new HTML5 theme support (#314)

WordPress 5.3 is introducing new arguments for add_theme_support, to
prevent validation warnings for style/script files. This resolves issue

* Updates/wordpress 53 (#318)

* Account for gallery class change

WordPress 5.3 moves the `wp-block-gallery` class to the figure rather than the ul and adds `blocks-gallery-grid` to the ul. This updates to account for the class change.

* Add center alignement to figcaption

WP 5.3 has removed `text-align: center` from block styles for figcaption. This adds it back to restore the original style and prevent full width captions from being flush with the browser edge.

* Add styling for gallery captions

* Remove unnecessary button CSS

WordPress 5.3 removes the squared button style in favor of a border-radius setting. The default border-radius setting is blank in the editor. Thus, the default of 5px is left set in the current CSS. We could possibly move this to inline styles and set it in the config.

* Update caption styles for editor

Removes duplicate figcaption style as well.

* Remove custom wp-block-column CSS

WP 5.3 removes the `has-x-columns` classes so they are no longer relevant. Also, defer to default margin on columns.

* Remove border from is-style-stripes table style

* Allow fixed table block setting to work

* Adjust table padding

* Add alignment styles

WP 5.3 adds `has-text-align-center`, `has-text-align-left`, & `has-text-align-right` classes. In some cases, these are styled by WP, but in others, the styles are missing.

* Match editor and front end table styles

* Update homepage content import

- Update for alignment classes
- Change from WP Columns block to AB Advanced Columns

* Match width of inner blocks to front end

* Allow 5.3 hr color option

* Updates/53 width (#317)

* Updates for nested blocks

* AB Spacer background transparency

* Update editor separator styles

* Alternate separator method

* Backward compatibility for gallery padding

* Consolidate table styles

* Editor width adjustment

* Revert "Editor width adjustment"

This reverts commit c81ec79.

* Combine rules

* Reorder CSS

* Update category/featured post block

Also allows child option to work in the category block.

* Minor editor adjustment

* Adjust full-width cover block width

* Scope CSS to .entry-content

* Consolidate and better match captions

* Adjust column media query

* Update version and changelog

* Changelog addition

* Updates/genesis 32 (#319)

* Set post meta on theme activation

* Allow footer widgets on landing page template

* Hide footer widgets on imported landing page

* Update phpcs.xml.dist and fix warnings (#320)

* Release/3.2.0 (#322)

* Update package/package-lock.json

* Run autoprefixer

* Update language .pot

* Changelog additions
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