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This is a helper package that automatically installs and updates Bicep.LangServer for you.

To use this package, you must have:

  • The Bicep syntax package.
  • The LSP package.
  • The .NET SDK. Minimum version is v5.
  • Either make sure that the dotnet executable is in your $PATH, or configure the path to the dotnet executable via the package settings (see below).

Applicable Selectors

This language server operates on views with the source.bicep base scope.

Installation Location

The server is installed in the $CACHE/Package Storage/LSP-Bicep directory, where $CACHE is the base cache path of Sublime Text. For instance, $CACHE is ~/.cache/sublime-text on a Linux system. If you want to force a re-installation of the server, you can delete the entire $CACHE/Package Storage/LSP-Bicep directory.

Like any helper package, installation starts when you open a view that is suitable for this language server. In this case, that means that when you open a view with the source.bicep base scope, installation commences.


Optionally configure Bicep.LangServer by running Preferences: LSP-Bicep Settings from the Command Palette. However, by default things should work out of the box.