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Icon font with media types for SUB Göttingen
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SUB Icon Font

Designed by Henrik Cederblad, Cederblad Design.

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This is an icon font that contains UI symbols for various types of media and information sources. It was commissioned in 2013 by SUB Göttingen | Georg-August-Universität Niedersächsische Staats- und Universitätsbibliothek.

Package Contents


A folder containing the actual icon font:

  • eot, woff, svg, ttf standard file formats
  • Demo showing an example webpage with the font in use


An overview of the icons along with information about the guidelines for designing and using the icon font:

  • Icons overview: showing all icons together on a grid
  • Design Principles: describing rules in effect during original design (should be followed if the set is to be extended with new icons)
  • Usage Guidelines: notes about proper display

  • Assigned characters for each icon (Unicode)
  • CSS classes



There are multiple ways to implement icon fonts on a web page. You may take a look at the included demo – open index.html within SUB Icon Font/ – and examine the source code for a few examples. (N.B. this example does not align and stack each icon's background/foreground symbols one on top of the other, see Layers below.)

Character mapping

The glyphs are mapped to Private Use Area (PUA) characters of Unicode. See for assigned codes.


SUB Icon Font is designed to use two layered symbols per icon: a background layer and a foreground layer. These should be positioned one on top of the other with CSS. It doesn't matter which one is on top since their graphics will not overlap.


The color (luminosity) of background layers should always be darker than the foreground layers, otherwise the icons won't appear correctly.


Licensed under the MIT License (see License.txt).

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