P2P collecting useful information

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When you try to EZSSH and it fails it can be a Tray problem or P2P problem. Here is a set of steps you may want to perform to designate failing part:

Managing p2p service

On Linux client machine:

systemctl restart p2p.service

On RH:

systemctl restart subutai-p2p.service

On MacOS:

sudo launchctl unload /Library/LaunchDaemons/io.subutai.p2p.daemon.plist && sudo launchctl load /Library/LaunchDaemons/io.subutai.p2p.daemon.plist

On Windows: via Service Manager


Manual p2p connection

  • Check p2p version with p2p -v. It should be the same as on resource host you connect to. To check RH p2p version you need to SSH into it and execute subutai.p2p -v.
  • Go to this URL https://bazaar.subutai.io/rest/v1/tray/environments. You will see output similar to this:
    "environment_ttl": 3600,
    "environment_key": "e2bcec470e6232459e9f3413daf0e526",
    "environment_id": "ba037c36-38ba-4191-8a28-d8b075b53a05",
    "environment_status_desc": "Environment is ready",
    "environment_status": "HEALTHY",
    "environment_name": "P2pTesting",
    "environment_hash": "swarm-ba037c36-38ba-4191-8a28-d8b075b53a05",
    "environment_containers": [
        "container_ip": "",
        "container_is_desktop": "false",
        "container_name": "Container-1-3wA",
        "rh_ip": "",
        "container_id": "EDA5AE7F50FD37249E7F38CCDCC12CC5810C8AD9"
  • In your terminal you need to run the following command: p2p start -ip dhcp -hash <ENVIRONMENT_HASH> -key <ENVIRONMENT_KEY>. Values for <ENVIRONMENT_HASH> and <ENVIRONMENT_KEY> you can find in output from previous step:
"environment_key": "e2bcec470e6232459e9f3413daf0e526",
"environment_hash": "swarm-ba037c36-38ba-4191-8a28-d8b075b53a05",
  • After p2p start command finish run p2p debug. Now you should see that you are trying to connect to swarm.
  • If you see "No IP assigned" under Peers: field - this probably related to p2p problems. But note - it takes some time to connect to environment, so give it about 5 minutes to finish connection procedure.
  • If you can see IP under Peers: field - you can try to ping it from command line. If ping works - p2p works.


To collect logs:

On linux client:

journalctl -u p2p.service

On resource host:

journalctl -u snap.subutai.p2p-service.service

On MacOS:

cat /var/log/p2p.log

On Windows: We are not storing logs yet, so to get p2p logs you need to stop p2p service, then run terminal in directory where p2p located (with Administrator privileges) and execute

p2p daemon

All output related to p2p will appear in this windows, so you can copy&paste it

Providing useful information

When you want to report a problem related to p2p you need to provide the following information:

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