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🎮 A Nintendo Entertainment System Emulator written in Kotlin.
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A Nintendo Entertainment System Emulator written in Kotlin.


Load an iNES ROM using File - Open. The should start immediately unless there is an error otherwise. If you wish to switch renderers, right click and select your available renderers.


Controls are hard coded at the moment.

  • A/B - X/Z respectively
  • Start - Enter
  • Select - S
  • Up/Down/Left/Right - Arrow Keys
  • P - Saves screen to disk
  • PrintScr - Saves screen to clipboard (also available when you right click)

Performance and Compatibility

Special thanks to @Xyene for lending me his Nitrous renderers. For extra rendering speed, kotNES bypasses the Java2D API to obtain rendering contexts for the various pipelines Java2D supports simultaneously. Current supported renders: OpenGL, Direct3D, GDI, and X. Tested for Ubuntu 16.10+, Windows 8, and Windows 10.

Title Screens

Since title screens are nice:


MIT © Jason Pham

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