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A LaTeX template for your dissertation.
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This package provides all the files needed to support the production and typesetting of a PhD dissertation at Harvard, Princeton, and NYU, though it can easily be adapted to meet the requirements of other schools. The format and styling is based closely on the requirements published by each university's registrar.

Getting started

  1. Install LaTeX. For Mac OS X, we recommend MacTex (; for Windows, MiKTeX (; and for Ubuntu, Tex Live (sudo apt-get install texlive-full)
  2. Install the default fonts: EB Garamond, Lato, and Source Code Pro. The files are provided in fonts/EB Garamond, fonts/Lato, and fonts/Source Code Pro.
  3. Pick your school by editing line 6 of dissertation.tex to use the option Harvard, Princeton, or NYU, depending on your school.
  4. Personalize the document by filling out your name and all the other info in frontmatter/
  5. Build your dissertation with build.command, located in the scripts directory (e.g., you can cd into the main directory and then run ./scripts/build.command).


How do I make the text justified instead of ragged right?

Remove or comment out the line \RaggedRight from the .cls file.


Thanks to Andrew Leifer for many code and README contributions and to Clemens Eppner for the Ubuntu instructions.

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