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Card Sort Tool
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Card Sorting Tool

Getting Started

To be able to build and run the code, you will need the following.

  1. Visual Studio 2019 with the workloads: ASP .NET & Web Development and Windows .NET Desktop Development.
  2. Visual Studio Code.
  3. Internet connectivity.

Once the clone is created, open the Visual Studio Solution file from Wolverine\Wolverine.sln and build the solution. After the build succeeds, run the following command on powershell.

dotnet ef database update

Running the about command will create the Wolverine.db (sqlite) under Wolverine\Wolverine.Service. Once the database is created, set the startup as Wolverine.Service and run it. This will start IIS Express and the service apis can be accessed via http calls.

Open the folder Wolverine\Wolverine.Web\Wolverine-Angular in Visual Studio Code and install all the node packages by running the command npm install. Once all the dependencies are installed, you can run the angular application by executing ng serve.

Sneakpeek at the source

The following are the projects that make up solution.


This is an asp .net core service providing some REST apis to interface with the database. The service uses Entity Framework Core to map objects to tables, which in-turn, are stored in an SQLite db. There are totally 4 tables that make up the database.

  • SortSessions: contains an instance of a project, as sorted by a participant.
  • Projects: contains a set of groups; the IsSessionZero field denotes whether this project is a root project created by an author, or a sorted project manipulated by a participant.
  • Groups: contains one or more cards; the IsUnsorted field denotes whether this group contains cards which are yet to be sorted. Ideally, this will be full in projects created by an author and will be empty in projects created by a participant.
  • Cards: denotes a funtion that needs to be organized.
Entity Relationship

One SortSession references One Project One Project contains Many SortSession One Project contains Many Groups One Group contains Many Cards

Refer to ProjectTableContext.OnModelCreating() to understand the model in detail.

entity relationship diagram


This is an angular application that contains all the views which make up the application. The application uses Angular 7 with the following dependencies.

  • cdk: for drag and drop support.
  • bootstrap (via cdn): to enable bootstrap classes for theming.
  • ng-boostrap: to enable boostrap components inside templates.

The application is written as a single module and contains the following components.

  • AnalyzeComponent: renders the analysis (or report) part.
  • CreateComponent: contains ui and logic involved in creating a new project.
  • HomeComponent: the lading page.
  • SortComponent: contains ui and logic used to sort cards.

In addition to these components, we have,

  • ProjectService: a service interface between this angular application and the asp .net core service.
  • ConfirmationGuard and SortConfirmationGuard: a couple of guards to validate before navigating to and from CreateComponent and SortComponent.
  • app-routing.module.ts: containing the component route map for the angular application.
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