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SUF-stack yeoman generator for AWS/Koa.js/Nuxt.js
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SUF-stack yeoman generator for AWS/Koa.js/Nuxt.js

SUF = Serverless Universal Full-Stack

A SUF-stack app enables the serverless deployment of both an optimized frontend and an extendable/secure backend. All code is in the same language (modern transpiled Javascript) and deployed at the same time.

Quick Start

npm install -g yeoman
npm install -g generator-suf-stack-aws-koa-nuxt
mkdir <appname>
cd <appname>
yo suf-stack-aws-koa-nuxt

Be sure to read the that is generated in your project for more details



  • Infrastructure
    • Serverless: no OS patching, or babysitting instances
    • Automatic capacity scaling
    • CDN for improved site speed via AWS CloudFront
      • with compiled static assets loaded from S3
    • Detailed logging in AWS CloudFront
  • Universal Frontend (Nuxt.js)
    • Native support for .vue files
    • Hot reloading in development
    • Server-side rendering for improved site speed and SEO
    • Automatic code splitting
    • Path-based routing
    • Pre-processors for SCSS, LESS, Stylus, etc
    • Eslint based automated linting
    • Ecosystems for Nuxt.js and Vue.js
  • Node.js backend (Koa.js)
    • Modern and Lightweight
    • Native support for async/await
    • Flexible logging via bunyan
    • Nested routers used to map folder paths to URL paths


  • Node.js 10+
  • yarn
  • Yeoman
  • AWS account
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