Tidbit is a tool to create massive amounts of data for a SugarCRM instance
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Tidbit v3.0 (bleeding edge) -- Tidbit v2.0 (stable)

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Tidbit is random data generator for Sugar versions 7.8 and later. By optimizing the communications with the database, large amounts of data can be inserted into the system for testing without manual intervention.

Documentation in the wiki!

Please visit the wiki for detailed documentation on using and configuring Tidbit.


PHP 5.6+ Sugar Already installed (7.8+ versions)


To install Tidbit, unpack the Tidbit-v###.tar.bz2 file, and place the Tidbit/ directory within your SugarCRM installation (Tidbit Directory need to be created inside SugarCRM Installation folder).

Download composer

curl -sS https://getcomposer.org/installer | php

Install composer dependencies inside Tidbit directory

./composer.phar install

The only other requirement of Tidbit is that you have an installed and properly configured copy of Sugar in the directory above it.

Installation of Vagrant Stack (Example):

  1. SSH into vagrant stack you are using via command line.

    $ vagrant ssh
  2. Navigate to Sugar directory.

    $ cd /
    $ cd var/www/html/ (sugar instance).
  3. Download zip file from repo (master.zip) into the sugar instance. e.g. /SugarEnt-Full-

    $ wget (url to zip file)
  4. Unzip file (master.zip). Directory created by zip file is called Tidbit-master.

    $ unzip master.zip
  5. Change Directory to /Tidbit e.g., mv /Tidbit-master /Tidbit.

    $ mv /Tidbit-master /Tidbit
  6. Navigate to /Tidbit and follow instructions under usage, below, from within /Tidbit directory.

    $ cd /Tidbit
  7. Install Composer dependencies

    $ ./composer.phar install


Tidbit has default config files in tidbit_root/config/ folder.
    - config.php          -- main config file
    - data/*.php          -- customization of filling for separate fields if
                             bean tables
    - relationships/*.php -- customization of filling for separate fields if
                             bean relation tables
Tidbit settings can be fully overrided in tidbit_root/custom/config.php file
by php arrays in the same manner as in original configs



  • Usage of Tidbit could affect your data in DB Please make sure you have a backup, before running data Generation commands

  • In case of generation csv (--storage csv) We suppose what csv-dump will be used on empty DB, so for speed up, we'll generate values (integer starting with 1) for autoincrement-type fields.

Tidbit uses a command line interface. To run it from the Tidbit directory:

$ ./bin/tidbit (or ./vendor/bin/tidbit for package dependency installation)

Various options are available to control the number of entries generated. To view them:

$ ./bin/tidbit -h

Example usages:

* Clean out existing seed data when generating new data set:
  $ ./bin/tidbit -c

* Insert 500 users:
  $ ./bin/tidbit -u 500
* Generate data into csv (mysql is default):
  $ ./bin/tidbit --storage csv

* Generate records for all out-of-box and custom modules, plus find all relationships
  $ ./bin/tidbit --allmodules --allrelationships

* Obliterate all data when generating new records with 400 users:
  $ ./bin/tidbit -o -u 400

* Use profile (pre-existing one: simple, simple_rev2, average, high) file to generate data
  $ ./bin/tidbit -o --profile simple --sugar_path /some/sugar/path

* Use custom profile (located in /path/to/profile/file)
  $ ./bin/tidbit -o --profile /path/to/profile --sugar_path /some/sugar/path

* Generate TeamBasedACL action restrictions for chosen level (check level options in config files)
  $ ./bin/tidbit -o --tba -tba_level full
* Controlling INSERT_BATCH_SIZE (MySQL Support only for now)
  $ ./bin/tidbit -o --insert_batch_size 1000

* Setting path to SugarCRM installation
  $ ./bin/tidbit -o --sugar_path /some/sugar/path

* Using DB2 storage example (mysql/oracle/db2 can be used, depending on Sugar installation and DB usage)
  $ ./bin/tidbit -o --sugar_path /some/sugar/path --storage db2


See CONTRIBUTING for how you can contribute changes back into this project.

All Pull Requests should be targeted to "develop" branch and follow PSR2 Code Style Standard To run quick code check use

$ ./composer.phar check-style

or call PHP CS directly

$ ./vendor/bin/phpcs --standard=./ruleset.xml

to run PHPUnit tests locally please use

$ ./composer.phar tests

or call PHPUnit directly

$ ./vendor/bin/phpunit -c ./phpunit.xml.dist

There are automated PR checks enabled on TravisCI (https://travis-ci.org/sugarcrm/Tidbit) For each PR code-style and phpunit tests will be executed for verification