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Tidbit is a tool to create massive amounts of data for a SugarCRM instance
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Tidbit v2.0

Tidbit is random data generator for SugarCRM versions 5.5 and later. By optimizing the communications with the database, large amounts of data can be inserted into the system for testing without manual intervention.


To install Tidbit, unpack the Tidbit-v###.tar.bz2 file, and place the Tidbit/ directory within your SugarCRM installation.

The only requirement of Tidbit is that you have an installed and properly configured copy of SugarCRM in the directory above it.


Tidbit uses a command line interface. To run it from the Tidbit directory:

$ php -f install_cli.php

Various options are available to control the number of entries generated. To view them:

$ php -f install_cli.php -- -h

Example usages:

* Clean out existing seed data when generating new data set:
  $ php -f install_cli.php -- -c

* Insert 500 users:
  $ php -f install_cli.php -- -u 500

* Obliterate all data when generating new records with 300 users:
  $php -f install_cli.php -- -o -u 400

* Create data using a load factor of 10, automatically detecting modules
  and automatically adding relationships.
  $php -f install_cli.php -- -l 10 -o --allmodules --allrelationships
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