An activity to browse the internet; WebKit2 on GTK+ on Sugar Toolkit.
Python HTML
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An activity will often maintain a list of buddies.

For a leader, it is easy to maintain the list, after sharing the
activity, by receiving the buddy_joined and buddy_left signals.

For a non-leader, it was not easy to maintain the list, after joining a
shared activity, without calling underneath CollabWrapper into sugar3.

When an activity has been joined, iterate through the buddies and emit
buddy_joined for each.

Also rewrite documentation accordingly, and simplify.

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What is this?

Browse is a web browser activity for the Sugar desktop.

How to use?

Browse is part of the Sugar desktop and is always included. Please refer to;

How to upgrade?

On Sugar desktop systems;

How to integrate?

On Debian and Ubuntu systems;

apt install sugar-browse-activity

On Fedora systems;

dnf install sugar-browse

Browse depends on Python, Sugar Toolkit, D-Bus, Cairo, Telepathy, GTK+ 3, Pango, Rsvg, Soup, Evince and WebKit.

Browse is started by Sugar.

Browse is packaged by Linux distributions;

How to develop?

  • setup a development environment for Sugar desktop,
  • clone this repository,
  • edit source files,
  • test in Terminal by typing sugar-activity .


Code inside Browse depends on several APIs, including;

Branch master

The master branch targets an environment with latest stable release of Sugar, with dependencies on latest stable release of Fedora and Debian distributions.

Branch not-webkit2

The not-webkit2 branch is a backport of features and bug fixes from the master branch for ongoing maintenance of the activity on Fedora 18 systems which don't have well-functioning WebKit2 packages.