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for detailed tutorial :

To compile the project:

1) open in Eclisle
2) set HBASE_HOME  class variable to hbase install dir

setup hbase tables:
open hbase shell
	$ hbase shell
	  	create 'access_logs', 'details'
	  	create 'summary_user', {NAME=>'details', VERSIONS=>1}
'access_logs' is the 'raw' logs.  The key is userID+counter  (int + int)
'summary_user' is to compute summary.  key is 'userID' (int)

Running map reduce
1) run 'FreqCounter1' directly from Eclipse, as a Java application

2) run on cluster / command line
  a) make a jar
      jar cf freqCounter.jar -C classes .

  b) hadoop jar freqCounter.jar hbase_mapred1.FreqCounter1
      check progress at task tracker : http://localhost:50070