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This repository has been archived by the owner on May 6, 2021. It is now read-only.


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FRDA Collection

Build Status This is a Blacklight application for the FRDA Collection at Stanford University.

Getting Started

  1. Checkout the code

     git clone
  2. [Optional] If you want to use rvmrc to manage gemsets, copy the .rvmrc example files:

     cp .rvmrc.example .rvmrc
     cp deploy/.rvmrc.example deploy/.rvmrc
     cd ..
     cd frda
     [accept gemfile]
  3. Install dependencies via bundler:

     bundle install
  4. Start solr and load the fixtures: (you should first stop any solr processes if you have multiple solr-related projects):

     rake frda:index_fixtures
  5. Migrate the database. Note that the solr instance needs to be available to run any migrations, so start Solr first!

     rake db:migrate
     rake db:seed
  6. Start Rails:

     rails s
  7. Go to http://localhost:3000


cap production deploy # for production
cap staging deploy # for staging
cap development deploy # for development

You must specify a branch or tag to deploy. You can deploy the latest by specifying "master"


During development, you can run the test suite locally by running:

rake ci

Useful commands for debugging

rails console doc=Item.find('wg983ft3682_00_0004') puts doc.inspect puts doc['type_ssi']

Timeline of the Revolution

The timeline of the revolution widget shown on the home page comes from an external service, with data in a Google Sheet.

Documentation for how the widget is created via a spreadsheet is here: The live FRDA spreadsheet is referenced in Jira ticket #FRDA-274

Solr Fields in Fixtures

The following fields are important for the web app to work correctly and are required for each kind of item

AP Page Item:

id - can be anything druid_ssi - must be set to the druid of the top-level parent volume item title_ssi - the title of the item type_ssi - must be "page" collection_ssi - must be "Archives parlementaires" volume_ssi - must be set to the id of the parent (which could be the top level volume or could be a subvolume) image_id_ssm - must be the base filename of the image to show from the parent volume item (e.g. "T00000001") - no .jp2 extension required

Image Items:

id - this should be set to the druid of the item druid_ssi - must be set to the druid of the item collection_ssi - must be "Images de la Révolution française" image_id_ssm - must be the base filename of the image to show (e.g. "T00000001") - no .jp2 extension required type_ssi - must be "image"

Custom Methods

There is a custom "link_back_to_catalog" method in app/helpers/blacklight_helper.rb If you update Blacklight, you should confirm if this method still works or compare with the equivalent method in the latest version of blacklight. The method is responsible for generating a "back to results" link from item detail pages.


There is a custom indexing app for FRDA that is quite out of date (as of June 2016) and non-operational. It is still in the DLSS AFS space (under "dev/dlss/git/digital_collection_sites/frda-indexer.git") and not available in github. To reindex material you would need to upgrade to the latest harvestdor stack.