A collection of type macros intended for making Cake pattern more manageable.
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A collection of type macros (or annotation macros) for doing dependency injection.

Please note this project is on ice until I hear that either type macros or annotation macros are going to make it into the main Scala branch, at least as an experimental feature.

Under the hood, congeal uses the cake pattern.

The general idea of the type macros I want to implement here is described in my blog post Taming the Cake Pattern with Type Macros.

At the moment, these are still type macros.

At the moment, congeal only builds against experimental "Kepler" branch of Scala.

Fair warning: one of the three kepler commits from Jun 02 & Jun 03 broke my tests. examples still run. i have a workaround in place until i have a moment to address this. https://github.com/scalamacros/kepler/commits/master

All macros require type A to be "simple", i.e., meet the following conditions:

  • is a trait
  • is static (i.e., not a member of a method or trait. only objects all the way up.)
  • no non-private[this] inner classes
  • no members that have params or return types that derive from A

Macros completed so far:

  • api[A]
  • impl[A]
  • componentApi[A]
  • componentImpl[A]
  • hasDependency[A]
  • hasPart[A]
  • standsInFor[A]
  • hasPrivatePart[A]

Macros still to do:

  • mock[A]
    • have initial implementation of easyMock[A]. need to generalize

My planning board is here: