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Sunder is a minimal server-side framework for building APIs and websites on Cloudflare Workers.


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🌄 Sunder

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Sunder allows you to quickly build websites and APIs in a modern async structure on Cloudflare Workers. Think of Sunder as Express or Koa for serverless.

Sunder is

  • Fast
  • Small
  • Easy to test
  • Typesafe

The easiest way to get started with Sunder on Cloudflare Workers is to use the template project.


npm i --save sunder
# or
yarn add sunder

Read the documentation here to get started.


import {Sunder, Router, Context} from "sunder";

const app = new Sunder();
const router = new Router();

// Example route with a named parameter
router.get("/hello/:username", ({response, params}) => {
    response.body = `Hello ${params.username}`;

export default {
    fetch(request, ctx, env) {
        return app.fetch(request, ctx, env);

Highlight feature: strict route parameters

Strict routes gif


The Sunder framework was inspired by Elixir's plug, Node's Koa framework, tiny-request-router and cfworker's web package.

Sunder is only a few hundred lines of code. It has little magic and doesn't impose too much structure.