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SunPy - Python for Solar Physics
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SunPy is an open-source Python library for solar physics data analysis.

Visit our IRC channel


To begin, install the following requirements:

Next, use git to grab the latest version of SunPy:

git clone
cd sunpy
python install


For detailed installation instructions, see the installation guide in the SunPy docs.


Here is a quick example of plotting an AIA image:

>>> import
>>> import
>>> import as cm
>>> aia =
>>> aia.peek()

Getting Help

For more information or to ask questions about SunPy, check out:


If you would like to get involved, start by joining the SunPy mailing list and check out the Developer's Guide section of the SunPy docs. Stop by our IRC chat room named #sunpy on if you have any questions. Help is always welcome so let us know what you like to work on, or check out the issues page for a list of some known outstanding items.

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