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sunpy is a Python software package that provides fundamental tools for accessing, loading and interacting with solar physics data in Python. It includes an interface for searching and downloading data from multiple data providers, data containers for image and time series data, commonly used solar coordinate frames and associated transformations, as well as other functionality needed for solar data analysis.


We recommended following the installation guide in the sunpy documentation. This will walk you through installing sunpy and all of its dependencies.


If you are new to sunpy, the best place to start is the tutorial. the example gallery also includes a collection of shorter and more specific examples of using sunpy.


See our changelog. for the latest changes in sunpy.

Getting Help

For more information or to ask questions about sunpy or any other SunPy Project package, please check out:

Acknowledging or Citing sunpy

If you use sunpy in your scientific work, we would appreciate your citing it in your publications. The continued growth and development of sunpy is dependent on the community being aware of sunpy.


The SunPy Project is a community-driven open-source project that welcomes any and all contributions. Whether you are a developer, student, or user, you can help by contributing code, documentation, or community support.

If you would like to get involved, the Newcomers Guide guide explains the many different ways to contribute to the SunPy Project and also shows how to get set up with a development workflow.

Help is always welcome, so come and say hello by joining the SunPy Chat and look over the Good First Issues list for the ideal places to start.

Code of Conduct

When you are interacting with the SunPy Community you are asked to follow our Code of Conduct.