Installation and configuration

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Sunspot is most easily installed using RubyGems:

gem install sunspot

If you use an alternate system of package management, you can pull Sunspot from git://

Starting up Solr

Sunspot comes with a prepackaged instance of Solr, which makes it easy to get started in development mode. To start Sunspot’s Solr instance, run:

gem install sunspot_solr # not required for Sunspot < 1.3.0
sunspot-solr start

This will store the index data in your operating system’s temporary directory – see Configuring Solr for use with Sunspot in development, testing, and production for more options available when when running the packaged Solr instance.


Sunspot is configured using the Sunspot.config object. The following options are available:

Configuration variable Description Default
Sunspot.config.solr.url The URL at which to connect to Solr
Sunspot.config.pagination.default_per_page The number of results to return per page if not specified in the search 30
Sunspot.config.indexing.default_batch_size The number of records per batch to use when indexing 50