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Turnsole is a curses client for Heliotrope, the personal email server.
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Turnsole is a curses client for Heliotrope, the personal email server.

Turnsole is still under development. As such, there is no gem yet. You will
have to run it the hard way:

0.  Install Heliotrope. See the README at
1.  Start Heliotrope.
2.  Run `git clone`.
3.  Install the following gems: trollop console locale rmail rest-client mime-types curb lrucache json.
4.1 If you are on OS X Snowleopard OR Lion, also install the snowleopard-ncurses gem.
4.2 If you are on Linux, also install the ncursesw gem.

Run turnsole like this:
  ruby -I lib -I <heliotrope repo>/lib bin/turnsole

After the first invocation, you should edit ~/.turnsole/config.yaml to
set any defaults.


Certain versions of Ruby, on OS X, appear to exhibit bugs in Fibers,
which turnsole uses extensively.

- Ruby 1.8.7 works fine (Turnsole includes a Fiber backport).
- Ruby 1.9.2-p280 fails.
- Ruby 1.9.3-p0 works, but you cannot compile with llvm-gcc. Unfortunately,
if you have XCode installed, this is the default. (See .)
If you're using rvm to install, try this:
  CC=/usr/bin/gcc-4.2 rvm install ruby-1.9.3-p0
I managed to get that working.

Comments? Questions? File issues on the github page; ask questions on
the sup-devel mailing list:
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