An RSpec-like BDD test framework for Perl 6.
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PSpec -- RSpec for Perl 6 Build Status


PSpec is an implementation of Ruby's RSpec library, in Perl 6. It's currently very minimal, and does not implement much of RSpec.


  • Supports basic "describe" commands.
  • Supports a very simplistic "should" statement.
  • Has eq(), lt() and gt() subs that perform simplistic tests.


Lots. This is barely functional, but is pretty much back to the level of the last working version prior to the rewrite.


Well, I must send cudos to the original authors of RSpec and Cucumber, without them, this wouldn't exist.

Also, a big cheers to Carl Masak, who is always friendly and helpful! And a call-out to Larry Wall whose help on the #perl6 channel has been greatly appreciated! I guess I should also thank him for creating Perl :-)

Since writing the original version of this Credits section, I've received a lot of help and feedback from many people on the #perl6 channel. Thanks to the whole Perl 6 community for being awesome!


Timothy Totten


Artistic License 2.0