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The redesigned Superpowers app is finally here!

After months of development, we're very happy to finally release Superpowers v1.0.

Redesigned user interface

The new app's main window is resizable and comes with a tabbed interface. The home tab features the news taken directly from the website, as well as various useful links.


In the old app, double-clicking a server would open a new window right away, and opening a project from a server's hub would navigate away from it, which wasn't very convenient. The new app opens a tab for each server you double-click on, and then the projects themselves open in their own window, making that workflow much more comfortable.

Thanks to @passazhir and @felladrin for contributing the Russian and Brazilian Portuguese translations!

Built-in IRC-based community chat

We added a built-in IRC chat so that you can meet with the community without installing any external software. You can of course disable it by selecting the "Offline" mode (and that setting will be persisted when you restart Superpowers).


Supercharged server management

You can now install and update systems & plugins right from the server settings tab. Available systems and plugins are listed in the registry and the community can submit their own for inclusion.


Better security

The new app exposes a limited set of APIs to servers so that they must ask you to select a local file or folder explicitly before accessing it, making connecting to a random server more secure.

There's much more!

This was just for the app itself. For details about other new features and improvements, see the release notes for: