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Tuning Workbench Synth

Tuning Workbench Synth is a synthesizer for learning and experimenting with microtonal scales. For motivation and documentation please see the surge synth team TWS landing page.

This is the developer documentation. Currently we are in an early beta. Some features are still not implemented, but the ones which are work well.

We distribute a built version of the codebase for mac windows and linux here

If you find a bug or want to make a change, please open a github issue or join our slack.

How to Build

We have upgraded to JUCE6 and now use Cmake to build. This means the build instructions on all platforms are the same

git clone   # or your fork obviously
cd tuning-workbench-synth
git submodule update --init --recursive
cmake -Bbuild     # macos users may want cmake -Bbuild -GXcode if they want an xcode file
cmake --build build --config Release 

and you should get your build working. That's it. Cool eh?

Of course cmake will create IDE assets in a normal way if you want them. They will all appear in the build directory.