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SurveyJS Analytics
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SurveyJS Analytics

SurveyJS Analytics (BETA)

Build Status

SurveyJS Analytics library allows to render survey results as charts or tables

Main Features

  • Count answers and render results as charts for the select type questions
  • Count answers and render results as gauge for range type question
  • Three different types of charts: bar, pie and line
  • Wordcloud for text questions representation
  • Interactive filtering for the select type questions
  • Flexible layout and customizable colors


You may review the analytics example or check this standalone plnkr example.

Other live examples:


SurveyJS Analytics library is currently in BETA. Unlike SurveyJS Library itself, this library will be distributed under commercial license. Please read more about licensing on our license page.

Support and realease version

Analytics library will be out of the beta as soon as we see that our customers may successfully use it in their products. If you feel that we have missed some important functionality or found a bug, please write us here on our support desk.

Building survey-analytics from sources

To build library yourself:

  1. Clone the repo from GitHub

    git clone
    cd survey-analytics
  2. Acquire build dependencies. Make sure you have Node.js installed on your workstation. You need a version of Node.js greater than 6.0.0 and npm greater than 2.7.0. This is only needed to build surveyjs from sources.

    npm install
  3. Build the library

    npm run build_prod

    After that you should have the library at 'packages' directory.

  4. Run samples

    npm start

    This command will run local http server at the http://localhost:7777

    You can open http://localhost:7777/examples/examples

  5. Run unit tests

    npm test

    This command will run unit tests

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