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Customizable JavaScript library to create interactive survey data dashboards and facilitate survey results analysis for your end-users.


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SurveyJS Dashboard


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The SurveyJS Dashboard library lets you build survey data dashboards and simplify survey data analysis with interactive and customizable charts and tables. Visualize your insights and analyze survey results in one view.


  • Supported chart and graph types:
    • Bar chart
    • Donut graph
    • Pie chart
    • Line chart (also known as line graph or curve chart)
    • Gauge chart
    • Bullet graph
    • Scatter plot
    • Word cloud
  • Interactive value filtering ordering
  • Customizable colors
  • Dynamic layout
  • Drag-and-drop chart reordering

SurveyJS Dashboard

Get Started


Build SurveyJS Dashboard from Sources

  1. Clone the repo

    git clone
    cd survey-analytics
  2. Install dependencies
    Make sure that you have Node.js v6.0.0 or later and npm v2.7.0 or later installed.

    npm install
  3. Build the library

    npm run build:prod

    You can find the built scripts and style sheets in the packages folder.

  4. Run test examples

    npm start

    This command runs a local HTTP server at http://localhost:8080/.

  5. Run unit tests

    npm test


SurveyJS Dashboard is not available for free commercial usage. If you want to integrate it into your application, you must purchase a commercial license(s) for software developer(s) who will be working with the SurveyJS product's APIs and implementing their integration.