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Jekyll Starter Blog Template

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Static generated site designed for developers that want to write blog posts that hosted in static hosting (e.g: Github Pages).

Demo Website :


  • Simple, automated and fast
  • SEO Optimized
  • Mobile friendly (Add to Home Screen)
  • Comment System with Disqus
  • Live Search
  • AJAX Pagination
  • Feed RSS
  • Sitemap
  • Robots Txt
  • Shell script to create posts and automation deploy to github pages

Required in System

  1. NodeJS
  2. Ruby


  1. Install the requirements
  2. Fork Jekyll Starter Blog
  3. Clone or download the repository you just forked
  4. Go to folder you just cloned or downloaded and run npm install to install all npm and bundler dependencies
  5. Check out the sample posts in _posts to see examples for assigning categories and tags
  6. Read the documentation below for further customization pointers and documentation

Setting up your website

Go and edit _config.yml

# Site settings
name: Sutanlab Blog
title: Sutan Nst. - Coder
description: A blog and journal about Sutan Nst, Junior Developer
baseurl: "/jekyll-starter-blog" # the subpath for your site default is ""
url: "" # the base hostname & protocol in your domain (e.g:

# Author Setting
username: Sutan Nst.
user_description: Learner, Coder & Coffee Maniac
user_title: Welcome to My Blog Site
avatar_url: /jekyll-starter-blog/assets/img/sutan.jpeg
github_username: sutanlab
disqus_username: sutanlab
facebook_username: sgnzst
instagram_username: sutan_gnst
twitter_username: sutan_gnst
medium_username: sutan.gnst


Theme customization

Go and edit _variables.scss in src/sass folder

// theme color
$main: #2c3e50;
$sidemenu: #242f3a;
$hover: darken($main, 50%);
$sec: #FFFFFF;
$lightGray: #F2F2F2;
$texts: #333333;
$colorcode: #3085F4;
$loader-color: #FFFFFF;

  * adjust with your disqus theme
  * if your disqus theme is dark, the color should be darken. 
  * if your disqus theme is light, the color should be lighten
$comment-theme: #304165; 

// responsive cut
$cut: 37.5rem;

Create new Post with command

You just follow the command ./post -c Post Title to create new post. The new post will be created at _posts with .md format. And when you create a new post, you need to fill the post information in the front-matter, follow this example:

layout: post
title: Post Title
date: 2019-05-02 16:32:44
image: /assets/img/blog/post-image.png
description: First steps to use this template
  - jekyll 
  - template
  - I love Jekyll
twitter_text: How to install and use this template
keywords: jekyll, template, my post

For other ./ command:

  • ./post -h output instructions
  • ./post -c $TITLE create post
  • ./post -d $TITLE create draft post
  • ./post -p $TITLE publish/promote a draft to a post

How to deploy site in Github Pages

  1. Remember to run npm run build for Compile sass, js and build site files before deploying the site

  2. npm run deploy for Deploy to other branch which on github pages

  3. Or you can use automation deploy with ./

How to run server in local for development

run npm start or bundle exec jekyll server --host=$IP_ADDR --port=$PORT

Support Me




Copyright © 2019 by Sutan Gading Fadhillah Nasution