An Intuitive, Lightweight, High Performance Full Stack Java Web Framework.
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mangoo I/O

mangoo I/O is a Modern, Intuitive, Lightweight, High Performance Full Stack Java Web Framework.

It is a classic MVC-Framework. The foundation of mangoo I/O is the high performant Undertow web server from JBoss. On top of that, standard, production ready Java libraries are used - no reinventing of the wheel, no magic whatsoever. Constantly checked against SonarQube with a rule set of more than 1100 checks. Additionally each build is checked against to ensure, that code changes do not decrease the framework performance.

mangoo I/O focuses on having a developer friendly, fluent and easy to understand web framework with a small learning curve for the Java ecosystem.

Key features

Here are some key features of mangoo I/O in a nutshell:

  • Intuitive convention-over-configuration
  • Highly scalable using a share-nothing stateless architecture
  • Hot-Compiling development mode for high productivity
  • Easy to use template engine
  • Super minimal use of Annotations
  • Dependency Injection
  • Simplified Caching
  • Build-in asynchronous email handling
  • Support for Web Sockets and Server-Sent Events
  • Simple and self-explaining form handling and validation
  • Plain scheduling for recurring tasks
  • Build-in authentication and authorization
  • Programmatically routing configuration
  • Easy handling of JSON in- and output
  • Simple global or per request filters
  • Strong cryptography and enforced security
  • Build-in EventBus for asynchronous tasks
  • Administrative interface
  • Build-in asset minification
  • Flexible testing tools
  • Simple Deployment and CI-Integration
  • Preprocessor for LESS and SASS
  • i18N Internationalization
  • And many more...


Here are some used libraries and their purpose in mangoo I/O.

By the numbers

  • 1.243 Sonar rules
  • 9.057 Lines of code
  • 2.346 Commits
  • 538 Unit tests
  • 3 years development maturity
  • 243 cups of coffee (estimated)