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libgba provides almost everything you need to drive the GBA graphical capabilities, but it forces the programmer to do so in a very low level fashion, thru direct access to the GBA internal registers. This is the reason I made GBAdv, a collection of wrapper functions (and a bit more) which are useful to abstract from that low level, and finally let more enthusiast homebrewers into GBA programming.

You just have to download the GBAdv C source and put it with your project sources. Modify it if you wish/need it! Just please let me know if you find any bug.

Here's a list of the functions that are defined. Full documentation is available here

Video Mode functions:

void initDisplay (unsigned int mode, int boolean_object_mapping_style_1D)

Background functions:

void configureBackground (unsigned int background_number, unsigned int mode, unsigned int maps, unsigned int tiles)
void showBackgrounds (unsigned int which)
void toggleBackgrounds (unsigned int show, unsigned int hide)
void toggleBackgroundsOn (unsigned int show)
void toggleBackgroundsOff (unsigned int hide)
void scrollBackground (unsigned int background_number, int scroll_x, int scroll_y)
void configureBackground2AffineMatrix (int dx, int dmx, int dy, int dmy)
void configureBackground3AffineMatrix (int dx, int dmx, int dy, int dmy)
void configureBackground2ReferencePoint (int x, int y)
void configureBackground3ReferencePoint (int x, int y)

Sprite functions:

void showSprites (int boolean_active)
void initSprites (int boolean_back_to_front)
void initSpritesFrontToBack (void)
void initSpritesBackToFront (void)
int addSprite (int x, int y, unsigned int image, unsigned int properties)
int reserveSprite (void)
void setSpriteProperties (unsigned int sprite, unsigned int image, unsigned int properties)
int setSpritePosition (unsigned int sprite, int x, int y)
int addObjectAffineMatrix (int pa, int pb, int pc, int pd)
void setObjectAffineMatrix (unsigned int matrix, int pa, int pb, int pc, int pd)

Other functions:

void setSpecialEffect (unsigned int which, unsigned int target_A, unsigned int target_B)
void setAlphaBlendingSpecialEffectCoefficients (unsigned int target_A, unsigned int target_B)
void setBrightnessSpecialEffectCoefficient (unsigned int brightness)
void setMosaicCoefficients (unsigned int BG_Mosaic_x, unsigned int BG_Mosaic_y, unsigned int OBJ_Mosaic_x, unsigned int OBJ_Mosaic_y)
void activateWindow (unsigned int windows)
void deactivateWindow (unsigned int windows)
void setWindow0Coordinates (unsigned int x0, unsigned int y0, unsigned int x1, unsigned int y1)
void setWindow1Coordinates (unsigned int x0, unsigned int y0, unsigned int x1, unsigned int y1)
void setWindowControl (unsigned int enabled_inside_win0, unsigned int enabled_inside_win1, unsigned int enabled_outside, unsigned int enabled_objects)


GameBoyAdvance graphical core registers wrapper functions... and a bit more.




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