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Markdown knowledge base with bidirectional [[link]]s built on top of VSCode.

Inspired by and RoamResearch.

Open VSX Version codecov PRs Welcome


Because your knowledge base deserves to be powered by open source.

Getting started

If you want to try out Memo just install it via marketplace using this link and open the help folder via File > Open Folder... or by dragging it onto VSCode.


  • 🔗 Links support

    • Creating links

      • Creating links
    • Links navigation

      • Links navigation
    • Embedding notes and images

      • Embedding notes and images
    • Automatic links synchronization on file rename

      • Automatic links synchronization
    • Links rename via Rename Symbol command

      • Links rename via command
    • Links labeling

      • Links labeling
    • Support for short and full links on filename clash

      • Support short and full links on filename clash
    • Opening links with unsupported file formats in the system default app

      • Links labeling
    • Find all references

      • Find all references
  • 🖼️ Notes and images preview (built-in & on-hover)

Notes and images preview

  • 🦋 Creating notes on the fly

Creating notes on the fly

  • 🖇 Backlinks panel

Backlinks panel

  • 🕹 Commands

    • "Open link" command support for links following

    • "Open link to the side" command allows you to open link in the adjacent/new column of the editor

    • "Open daily note" command which creates a note with a title in yyyy-mm-dd format or opens already existing one

      • Open daily note command
    • "Open random note" command which allows you to explore your knowledge base a little bit

      • Open random note command
    • "Open link in the default app" command for opening unsupported file formats in the system default app

    • "Paste HTML as Markdown" command which can partially replace a web clipper functionality

      • Paste HTML as Markdown
    • "Rename Symbol" command support for renaming links right in the editor

    • "Extract range to a new note" command to ease notes refactoring



See changelog here.