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the AC token contract
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ARC token

This repo contains the Token contract for the ARC token, including the coinsale


You will need the truffle framework to run the tests

npm install -g truffle
npm install -g ethereumjs-testrpc


First start the testRPC suite in another terminal


Running the unit tests will check the workings of the ARCToken.sol contract and the TokenVesting.sol contract.

truffle test

To run tests individually - run

truffle test ./test/TokenVesting.js
truffle test ./test/ARCToken.js
truffle test ./test/ARCToken_sellout_in_time.js



The main ERC20-compatible coin contract that handles both the transfer of coins - as well as the token sale.


This contract is a generic ERC20 vesting contract that vestst ERC20 tokens in time - by looking at the blocks.

Please refer to the contract source code for more documentation And to the tests for more information on how to use it.