@ddevault ddevault released this Nov 29, 2018 · 272 commits to master since this release

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Sway 1.0-beta.2 contains 274 changes from 36 contributors since 1.0-beta.1. Beta releases are considered feature-complete, but are not thought to be bug-free. Nevertheless, it should be suitable for most users, and we did not ship it with any known major bugs. Please use it and provide feedback.

The recommended wlroots version to use with this sway release is 0.2.

Package maintainers: please do not package this release.

New features

  • Add strip_workspace_name (i3 4.16 feature)
  • Add title_align (i3 4.16 feature)
  • Add pixel argument for border toggle (i3 4.16 feature)
  • Add width and height to resize set (i3 4.16 feature)
  • Allow multiple assignments of workspaces to output (i3 4.16 feature)
  • Add a scroll_factor command to change linear scroll speed
  • Implement bar gaps
  • Add titlebar_border_thickness and titlebar_padding to customize titlebar borders and padding
  • Add warnings to swaynag for duplicate keybindings and invalid background image path
  • Implement the presentation-time protocol
  • Add multiseat support to swaylock
  • Add support for SUBSCRIBE messages in swaymsg (i3 4.16 feature)
  • Implement per side and per direction outer gaps
  • Add active keyboard layout to swaymsg -t get_inputs
  • Add output XXX transform <transform> clockwise|anticlockwise for relative
  • Add focus_follows_mouse always
  • Make swayidle enter idle state on SIGUSR1


  • workspace back_and_forth is now per-seat
  • Support for additional i3 window types
  • Add window_properties for Xwayland views in IPC replies
  • Update the surface under the cursor when switching views
  • Add a flag to make swaynag run commands directly instead of in a terminal (i3 4.16 feature)
  • Add scratchpad containers to get_tree reply
  • Improved fish shell completions
  • Match single-key bindings if no multi-key binding matched
  • Improved swaymsg -t get_outputs mode information
  • Allow variables to contain commands and multiple arguments
  • Allow multiple outputs for workspace <workspace> output <outputs...>


This release is mostly bug fixes.

  • Fix focused properties in get_outputs replies
  • Fix pango markup for title_format
  • Fix swaybar output hotplug
  • Fix font sizes on reload
  • Fix swayidle event loop
  • Various fixes to make Firefox Nightly with native Wayland work
  • Change exec to return a list of results
  • Fix crash when moving a container to a fullscreen workspace
  • move to workspace: fix moving floating container to non-empty workspace
  • Fix crash when quitting a QT app on the wayland backend using menu
  • Fix xwayland wants_floating logic
  • Fix move events for scratchpad containers
  • Fix crash when resizing container hidden in the scratchpad
  • Fix cmd_swaynag_command
  • Fix swaybar crash when there's no status_command
  • Fix sway clients not exiting when compositor exits
  • Fix dormant cursor when using multiple seats
  • When scrolling on a tab titlebar, set focus inactive if not focused
  • Fix containers not being resized when entering scratchpad
  • resize set: convert ppt to px for floating containers
  • Fix swaybar scrolling
  • Fix crashes when there's no output connected
  • Fix re-tiling for floating containers
  • Fix focus after a non-visible workspace's last container is destroyed
  • Wrap to fartherest output when running focus output
  • exec_always: defer command on config validation