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Copyright 2015-2016 Chris Sweeney ( UC Santa Barbara

What is this library?

Theia is an end-to-end structure-from-motion library that was created by Chris Sweeney. It is designed to be very efficient, scalable, and accurate. All steps of the pipeline are designed to be modular so that code is easy to read and easy to extend.

Please see the Theia website for detailed information, including instructions for building Theia and full documentation of the library. The website is currently located at

Contact Information

Questions, comments, and bug reports can be sent to the Theia mailing list:

Citing this library

If you are using this library for academic research or publications we ask that you please cite this library as:

  author = {Chris Sweeney},
  title = {Theia Multiview Geometry Library: Tutorial \& Reference},
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