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Use Channel Points Custom Rewards to give viewers extra coins
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Toolkit - ChannelPoints.sln

Twitch Toolkit - Channel Points

Use Twitch's official Channel Points to offer your viewers a custom reward that gives them more coins!


Create a custom reward in your Channel Points, Manage Rewards dashboard.

  • Set the cost and title to whatever you'd like!
  • You probably want to include how many Toolkit coins your reward gives your viewer.
  • Enable "Require Viewer to Enter Text" !! THIS IS REQUIRED !!

In RimWorld, go to Mod Settings and find Twitch Toolkit - Channel Points.

  • Enable the "Automatic Reward UUID Capture".
  • Set the amount of coins your reward will give as specified in your reward setup.
  • Setup the name of your Channel Points if you named them something fancier than Channel Points.

Load any game so the Toolkit bot joins your channel.

  • Make a purchase of the custom reward you created so the bot can capture the reward UUID.


  • That should be it! You'll notice in the mod settings that the UUID has been filled in for you. If you ever need to update this, just enable Automatic Reward UUID Capture again or paste in the UUID if you know it.


Should have no issue adding and removing this mod. No known conflicts with other mods. Just make sure this appears after TwitchToolkit in your mod order.

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